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Monday 20 January


Papers by members of the LMAA

Halliburton v Chubb - LMAA position paper by Ian Gaunt

LISW 2019 - Women in Maritime Arbitration by Daniella Horton

LISW 2019 - Future of Arbitration by Karina Albers and Thor Maalouf

Shanghai Maritime University Lecture with LMAA - Event Summary by John Lin

Conflict Confusion Congenbills and Confucius - Why Change - Lecture by R Lord QC

The Hirst Lecture by Sir Christopher Clarke

London Arbitration: The Future in Context by Sir Bernard Eder

London Arbitration: The Future in Context by Sir Bernard Eder (Arbitration Statistics 2012-2018)

The 3 Why's by Clive Aston

Innovative Thinking in London and Recent Trendy Decisions by Michael Buisset

Innovation and the Law by Brian Perrott

Controlling the Costs of Arbitration by David Martin-Clark

Arbitration Agreement by Daniella Horton

Lexis Nexis Interview - Ad hoc arbitration - the LMAA's formula for sucess by Ian Gaunt

Maritime Dispute Resolution Talk - given to a luncheon meeting organised by the HKMAG, by Bruce Harris

Cost and Costs in London Arbitration - presentation by Clive Aston

Cost in London Arbitration - paper by Clive Aston

Hybrid Arbitration Clauses - a matter of taste by Daniella Horton

Sino Channel Asia Ltd v Dana Shipping & Trading Pte Singapore & Anor, November 2017 Bulletin, 20 Essex Street

Regulation of Arbitration by James Clanchy

The Incorporation of Arbitration Clauses into Bills of Lading under PRC law and its Practical Implications - by Lianjun Li

Penalty Clauses - A Game Changer? by David Martin-Clark

Navigating the Waters of Third Party Funding in Arbitration by James Clanchy

Enforcement of commercial (maritime) foreign arbitral awards in Ukraine by Arthur Nitsevych 

Some Common Issues in Shipbuilding Contract Arbitrations by Ian Gaunt

Some Common Issues in Shipbuilding Contract Arbitrations (Chinese Translation) by Ian Gaunt

Keynote Speech at UCL Commercial Maritime Law Conference by Clive Aston

Incorporation of Arbitration Clauses into Bills of Lading by Dr Melis Ozdel

The Compensatory Principle of Damages in Voyage Charters by Clive Aston

Incorporation of arbitration clauses in bills of lading by Ian Gaunt

Declaration of bankruptcy pursuant to the failure of a debt restructuring agreement by Studio Lauro

The Griffon - by Charles Weller

The Astra - by Andrew Taylor

"Ouch! - Costs in Shipping and General Commercial Arbitration" by Bruce Harris

Isabella Shipowners SA v Shagang Shipping Co Ltd (the "Aquafaith") [2012] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 61 by Helen McCormick

Inter-club Agreements – Security Issues by Stephen Grainger

The “Bulk Chile” Dry Bulk Handy Handling Inc & Aor -v- Fayette International Holdings Ltd & Aor [2012] EWHC 2107 (Comm), [2012] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 594 (Andrew Smith J) [2013] EWCA Civ 184 (Court of Appeal) by Robert Gay

Dalmare v Union Maritime (the “Union Power”) [2012] EWHC 3537 (Comm) by Simon Curtis

Off Hire under the New York Produce form: "Loss of Time" & "Time Thereby Lost" The Athena [2012] EWHC 3608 (Comm) by Andrew Baker Q.C., Julian Kenny and Terence Coghlin.

Understanding Performance Claims by Brian Williamson

Combar Lecture by A Baker Q.C. and H Byam Cook

London Maritime Arbitration by Bruce Harris

Seaworthiness and the Hong Kong Fir Decision by Mark Hamsher

Reflections of a Maritime Engineer Expert by R L Gordon



LMAA Law Review 2015-2017

Law Review 2015-2017


Chinese Translation of LMAA Law Review 2015-2017

(The Assocation is grateful for the help of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Hong Kong, and in particular partner Frederick Hui, for the translation of these articles)

Law Review 2015-2017


Chinese Translation of LMAA Law Review 2013-2015

(with thanks to Frederick Hui and colleagues, Zhong Lun Law Firm, Hong Kong)

Law Review 2013-15 Cover

Law Review 2013-15 Contents Page

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 1

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 2

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 3

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 4

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 5

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 6

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 7

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 8

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 9

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 10

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 11

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 12

Law Review 2013-15 ARTICLE 13


Chinese Translation of LMAA Law Review 2010-2012

Law Review 2010-12 Introduction (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Time Bars (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Owners' Damages for Repudation by Charterers (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Qatar Star and Need to Nominate (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Anti-suit Injunction (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Notices for Commencment of Arbitration (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Post Erika Developments in Oil Major Approvals (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 The Vine Unsafe Berth (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 A New Exception to the Without Prejudice Rule (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Damages - When the Markets Tumbled (Chinese Translation)

Law Review 2010-12 Owners' Rights of Remuneration (Chinese Translation)