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The LMAA Terms

Arbitrations in London are conducted under the Arbitration Act 1996. The LMAA Terms are terms of procedure which are available to parties for incorporation into dispute resolution clauses in their contracts. Where members of a tribunal accept their appointments on the LMAA Terms, those Terms then apply to and govern the procedure to be adopted in the arbitration reference. The Terms have been revised from time to time; the current version is the LMAA Terms 2017 available via the link below.

The LMAA also publishes its Intermediate Claims Procedure (ICP), and the Small Claims Procedure (SCP). These have been revised for 2017 and are available via the links below.

In addition, the LMAA publishes a procedure for Fast and Low Cost Arbitration (FALCA), and Mediation Terms, all of which together offer those involved in maritime matters a wide range of choice for the resolution of disputes.

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LMAA Terms 2017  
Guidelines on LMAA Terms 2017  

LMAA Terms 2017 Chinese Translation

LMAA Intermediate Claims Procedure 2017
LMAA Intermediate Claims Procedure 2017 Chinese Translation  
LMAA Small Claims Procedure 2017  
LMAA Small Claims Procedure 2017 Chinese Translation